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GATS 2014 Tamil Competition

Show off your Tamil knowledge in a competition.

The GATS Tamil Competion is open and free to all GATS members who are in current status. If you are not a GATS member or you have not renewed this year, you may do so here. If you don't want to become a member, you can pay the non-member entry fee($10 per person) for the event to participate. Please review the details below, and click the flyer below to register. Registration closes on December 10th, 2014!!

Fancy dress and Speech Competiton will be on the stage. Parents are allowed to stay and cheer the kids. Other competitions will be held in the class room.

Age Groups (all ages per western method)

  • Age 3 to 5
  • Age 6 to 9
  • Age 10 to 13
  • Age 14 and above

Competition Categories

  • Spelling Bee
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing Comptetition
  • Reading Competition
  • Thirukkural or Kondraivendan
  • Drawing Competition
  • Dress competition
For rules and registrations, click the flyer below

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GATS 2014 - Super Dancer Scores

  Folk Round

  Western Round

  Final Round

Vasantha Malar
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