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GATS Field day is coming up on the 27th of September (9/27/2014, 11 AM - 6PM) in Wills Park, Alpharetta (http://www.willspark.com/pavilions.html). Mark your calendars and be ready to have some great fun. This year we have done separate tournaments for Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, TT, Badminton etc and we have allocated field day for pure fun with family and friends and lot of fun games for kids and adults. Come for a day for fun!

Trophies will be distributed for all the sports events that was conducted throughout the year.

Charity Events

  • Bucket Ball
  • Stake Smasher
  • Ring Point
  • Bingo
  • And much more

Fun Events

  • Ko-ko
  • Track Events for all groups
  • Sack Race
  • Tennicoit
  • Kabadi
  • And much more

For registration, please click here.

GATS 2014 Upcoming Events

  • GATS Field Day 2014 (Stay Tuned)
  • GATS Diwali Dhamaka (Stay Tuned)

GATS 2014 Proposed Events




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